So it's been a real long time since I blogged or for that matter posted on facebook or did anything other than post snaps on IG because WTAF 2017. But I do like to talk so here we go, fresh thoughts for a fresh year y'all.

I have always been a really loud individual, I mean just the volume of my voice is literally too much and I always have an opinion and am rarely shy to blast it from my talk pipes. But ever since Fall '16 I've kind of been speechless, which I know is bad, but I have to be 2 things- honest and authentic and here's me being honest: If I started yelling every time I got mad about the state of affairs, I would have started yelling and never stopped. I would be mainlining blood pressure meds for sure. I sort of shut down instead, turned inside myself and to my immediate family, blocked out the negativity and decided that the best thing I could honestly do was focus on my kids and the fact that they gotta be good people you know? It's like eradicating diseases.. vaccinate them as babies and eventually there's no more polio right. So I have been trying to focus on raising kind small people. ((And also quietly stuffing money in mattresses and teaching my kids basic survival skills because straight up there are days when I'm not sure we are gonna be here in 20 based on politics / environmental disasters / mass shootings. I mean..)). 

I have still been doing a lot of design work, and have once again discovered that the best clients and largest percentage of my client base is people who have known me in past roles and search me out to do work for them in their new ventures. It validates my authenticity over any kind of bullshit I ever was fed about how I wasn't "well behaved enough" around clients. Guess what, ten years later those people have new roles and are seeking me out to work with because of my authenticity. Ha! Aside from my design and art direction work, I have opened a shop with my sister in Kingston, WA which is also an office for Vocal, and is pretty much a delightful clubhouse to hang out in and play jams and draw pictures whilst selling paper goods and girl power t-shirts to the greater Kitsap peninsula. You're welcome. I have noticed 2 types of customers absolutely love our foul-mouthed greeting cards and GRL PWR ephemera: Teenagers and old ladies. Which, if you think about it, are the 2 times in life where women especially have ZERO fucks to give. I def remember the angsty days of not caring as a teenager and can't wait to be an old lady with even less patience. Honestly, it's just us middle aged moms and lady bosses who are so worried about what everyone thinks. Looking forward to being over that hump.

Anyway all of my rambling aside, 2018 is gonna be more honesty, authenticity and building a strong compassionate family and if we keep up our current path success will follow. I think this is a subconscious survival tactic, somewhere between fight and flight that I didn't know I had. Vocal's business goals are strong and have been on track starting this 5th year (so crazy) but I'm way less about world domination and way more about pro bono work, art docent projects in kids classrooms, traveling with my family, watercolor painting... basically I'm super zenned out right now, working on everything from the inside out, trying to help where I can, and I hope everyone has a healthy and chill 2018.. We need a chill year. Go find a pot shop. (Vocal probably designed some of the packaging in there). ha.