Sphere of Influence

I once had a boss who would sketch my "sphere of influence" for me when he felt I had over-stepped my bounds by questioning decision making. He would draw a series of circles, one inside the other, and the very smallest in the middle was me. As in, you have no influence here. These people encircling you, we have influence. You don't ask us questions.

It was perhaps one of the most frustrating things I had ever heard, because I had always been told that I had great leadership skills, and I was always trying to be a leader, and a voice, and have influence. But he was right. It's how the food chain works.

Now that I'm no longer beholden to such hard line, institutional HR-driven, bullshit policies, I finally feel like I can start to be influential. Of course, it's scary out here with no net. So what soap box do I stand on? Whom can I try and help influence? Is it possible to be heard or even make a difference? Well I guess we will find out, because next spring Running Press will be releasing The Hustle Economy, Real Talk from Real Experts on Transforming Your Creativity into a Career, of which I am a contributing author.

It's just a start. But I'm a good talker. I can tell you that I'm a far better talker than I am a designer. And I honestly feel like my past influences, confidence and willingness to fight for what I believe in make me a good leader, and that I should try and influence those who might need a boost in those areas. So this book will contain what I feel are the 3 main pillars that have given me my confidence, and how a woman in this industry can learn from those and hopefully gain her own larger sphere of influence. What are those 3 things? I'll tease it- they are acting like a boy, like a bitch, and like a boss. It may sound crass. But there's a lot of logic baked in. Want to hear it all? Buy the book.

And my sphere will get a little bit bigger.