cities rule at branding.

Summer at Vocal has been a little crazy and a lot fun, our First Annual DMSP was a blast, we had a fab intern come and go, and enjoyed beers at the pub on the reg and summer fridays at the beach, not to mention a lot of hard work, and some time on the road.

Working on a couple very different branding projects has me thinking retrospectively about the travel I've done this year.

I've been to some great cities this year. And I can't stop thinking about how each city is it's own brand, understood globally, and I wish companies could be so consistent. Seattle, Chicago, Paris, New York, Portland. Everybody can close their eyes and picture the "brand" that is each city, amiright? Stereotypes, or Brand Positioning? All I know is, there's unity and variety, but no matter what, If I gave one line descriptions or acted out charades, you would all know which cities from this list I was talking about. Good or bad.

Brands, old and new, should take a lesson from this. Paris, for example, doesn't care about trying to be everything to everybody. And no one goes into business thinking, let's all be under dressed and extremely passive aggressive.

Define your brand, don't let it define you. Make decisions, and be consistent.
And years from now, people can play charades and easily guess what company is being acted out.