that was fast.

It's the first anniversary of Vocal. (!)

It feels like both the fastest year ever and the longest year of my life. I'm also intrigued by my decision to start a business smack in the middle of the holiday season, but I've never been great with timing and/or patience.

So let's have a recap, shall we??

Vocal opened it's doors on Bainbridge Island, next to the Pub (obvs), in an office building full of financial guys, tech recruiters and massage therapists (#bainbridge). Most of them probably take offense to the volume of my voice.

Several cool projects came out of the year's efforts, some still under wraps. There was some cool retail work for adidas with our friends at; some illustration and design work for starbucks, a branding project that took me to Paris, several branding projects with startups that were totally fun and insane, a re-brand of a super fancy jewelry store, a few duds, some yelling, a lot of beers for lunch, and so so much learning. And as much as I miss the team I left behind last year, my quality of life with my family has improved and i'm feeling damn solid about my decision to start Vocal. What's in store for year 2? Who the hell knows, but it's going to start with a lot of selling.
Which brings me to my (early) New Year's Resolution Top Ten List.

The Vocal Top Ten for Year Two

1. Sell My Face Off. Or their faces off. Either way, faces on the ground.
2. Explore New Territory. The world is full of ugly stuff. Find some and fix it.
3. Interns. This year's intern organized my receipts and gifted me a flask. End of discussion.
4. Throw parties. Also go to more. Drinking I mean Networking is the best way to snag clients.
5. Finish the Book. It's started, you guys, and it's hilarious.
6. Draw. It's why i'm here. I should do more of it for no reason at all.
7. Project. Manager. Because I'm just right on the edge.
8. Stick to My Guns. I will not become passive aggressive yes-man.
9. Laugh. Because yolo and life is pretty good and pretty funny.
10. Grow. So that I can hire a big team to do all the things I'm not great at. (see #7)

These seem generic but maybe that's because they are so BASIC. And we all need to do a little more of the obvious basic things instead of trying to be weirdly epic all the time. Did I steal that from a folger's spot? Anyway, you guys know what I mean. Keep it real.




also: holidays! enjoy them. @^%$*#&